Sunday, March 14, 2010

Answers in 1st Peter

Tim got me pointed to 1st Peter and I think meditating on chapter 1 will give me my answer for how we balance "fighting the evil one" vs. "letting God's will reign"...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thwarting God?

Pondering discussion questions for our worship pastor (who'll be talking to our little adult Sunday school this week, health permitting -- join us; ping me for details if you need them).

And I'm wondering about where he falls on the "can we thwart God?" question.

He's a Calvinist (but we love him anyway) so I suspect the answer is "No"... But as he said last Sunday (listen to episode 126 at for the quote) he felt he had more good years of service to God in him and is surprised that he's going to die at just 51.

So... What does God think? "Yeah, it's a shame you built all those model airplanes as a kid and the xylene in the glue hosed your gall bladder; too bad that Satan can use that in the fallen world?"

Or, "No, its my prerogative and I'm taking you home now?"

Or, "Well, that's just how it happened to go and I'll work around it because I'm God and I'm that good?"