Saturday, July 24, 2010

An UnSundaySchool?

Don Ball of the CoCo collaborative workspace in St. Paul has a great summary of the principle of "unconferences".

"The whole model of an unconference is based on everyone answering the big questions themselves, whereas a traditional conference model is based on everyone listening, often quite passively, to a few peoples??? conclusions. It???s centralized planning versus democracy."

It made me realize something: This is the structure I've been unknowingly following for the adult Sunday School I lead.

It's a learning style that's not cut out everyone -- Grow's learning/instruction model makes that clear -- and that's a value-neutral statement; if it works, great, and if not that's okay too.

The thing that excites me is that I think it's a model not often found in churches. Let's try it!

One last note: We're talking about class format here, not curricular authority. A Bible study is still studying the Bible. But, how do we decide _what_ to study?

The only catch in a Sunday-morning class is the time constraint; hard be democratic plus cohesive in less than an hour...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

So, exactly what (if anything) are "demons"?

Haven't read this enough to know if it's enlightenment or heresy... So more reading's ahead. :)

Origin of Demons:

Friday, July 9, 2010

On the light topic of sexual ethics...

Brother-in-law mentioned this article and rather than reading up on it, I went straight to the critique. Hmmm...

"Of food and sex, and how Mary Eberstadt gets both history and ethics quite wrong at Hugo Schwyzer"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Issues in the Holy Land are never clear-cut

More than a "free speech" Twitter issue... How do we untangle complex and layered political (and human rights) issues?

Hypothetical question: Is it "respectable" to take a stand and be less evil than your peers, even if you're still pretty evil? If not, then how "pure" or "sinless" do you need to be before we can "respect" you?

From CNN, "Nasr explains controversial tweet on Lebanese cleric":